Video Production

I started my career as a journalist and later scriptwriter and director of popular science and travel programmes at the Czech Public Service Television (an equivalent of the BBC in the Czech Republic). During my six-year career in the Czech TV I created dozens of reportages and short documentaries up to 15 minutes in length for various popular science and travel shows.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic, where I specialized in TV news reporting and video production.

In 2014, I produced a 36-minute documentary To Mars. The documentary was filmed  during a two-week Mars mission simulation at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, the USA. The film was screened at Academia Film Olomouc 2015 and at Geocinema, a festival of science films organised by the European Geoscience Union.

Click the button below to order To Mars on a DVD:

During my time as a reporter at the Engineering and Technology magazine, I ran the magazine’s nascent YouTube channels, creating dozens of online videos covering tech-related topics.

In 2017, I directed and wrote a script for a documentary about air pollution in London, which was produced by the IET TV, a TV channel of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.


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