Martian diary: how to pick crewmembers

Engineering & Technology magazine


E&T reporter Tereza Pultarova is taking part in a simulated Mars mission in a Mars analog station in Utah, the USA. The crew has been on site for more than a week and has already settled into the daily routine. However, it has not been all plain sailing. Here is Tereza’s latest update:

Going to Mars is not only about technical skills and scientific knowledge; the success or failure of any future mission would come down to psychological aspects – will the crew function as a team despite all the strains, discomforts and stresses, or will they start fighting? The importance of careful crew selection is probably the most important lesson learned by the Crew 135 so far.

The eight-month journey to the Red Planet will see the crew confined inside a tiny pressurised module with hardly any privacy. The situation after landing won’t be any better. The real Martian…

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