Testing Google Glass for Mars navigation

Engineering & Technology magazine

‘OK glass, open the fridge,’ our cameraman Filip Koubek is standing in the kitchen area of our approximately 25 square metre living/working room with a pair of plastic shades on his nose, messing around. It was a couple of days ago when we first tested Google’s hottest innovation – the wearable Google Glass gadget – and the ‘OK, glass’ phrase, used for command confirmation, really stuck with us.

Our crew’s commander and a Florida-Institute-of-Technology-based extreme environments architect Ondrej Doule brought a Google Glass set for an ergonomics study that would try to assess its usability when integrated into a space suit helmet. Though augmented reality devices, developed for military purposes, are already entering the mainstream commercial market, no one has tested them in space yet.

“I believe that in the not so distant future some sort of head-up or head-down displays, or even a projection of information on some suitable…

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