Mars day 1: 60 gallons for 6 people?

Engineering & Technology magazine

By Tereza Pultarova

It must have been some time in August when I received an email from a friend of mine, a Florida- Institute-of-Technology-based extreme environments architect Ondrej Doule. He was putting together a research crew to apply for a two-week rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, the USA. He needed a journalist aboard to manage the communications. I didn’t have to think twice. I knew immediately that this is going to be a pretty extraordinary experience.

Mars Desert Research Station, run by the Mars Society, is a Mars analog habitat in the middle of a high altitude desert. Built in the early 2000s according to a Nasa concept, the station provides a platform to study how a possible future crew on a mission to Mars would operate. In practice that means that the six-strong crews staying in the ten-metre-in-diameter metallic cylinder have to wear space suits…

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