Why is Regent’s Canal such a mess?



The Regent’s Canal would have been such a lovely place, if only…. people weren’t such terrible terrible pigs. Every time I go jogging, I am astonished – the water is simply filled with all various types of garbage and the poor swans, ducks and goose are having their babies in the midst of it….

Finally today, I have decided to take my camera with me. I guess I will turn it into a little long-term project. 

Really, I think Londoners should take lessons in tidiness from Germans or the Swiss. What a shame! 

I’ve travelled a bit throughout Europe, I used to think some places in the Balkans are rather filthy but I have to admit, Regent’s Canal is the winner.


Yes, it’s really nice people like to feed the birds, however, you don’t need to throw a whole loaf of bread in the water or a bunch of bananas. In fact, I guess the birds might get rather sick from all this. And honestly – why do you need to throw plastic bottles or empty coffee cups in there? I just don’t get it!


I wonder what do they think?



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