What is it going to be about?

Well… about everything I do and I am interested in. After one month in London I am still in the middle of a job hunt. In the meantime, I want to learn some new skills and have some creative outlet.

If you have a background in communication and journalism and you decide (for any reasons) to leave your country and start elsewhere, you have a problem. Yes, obviously – the language. As anyone who ever tried to start writing in any other language than their mother tongue knows, achieving the level and the ease with which you can write in your native language requires a lot of work. Yeah, most of the time the well trained natives will be better, have richer vocabulary, won’t make spelling mistakes or omit articles. So what can you do? Regret that you have not chosen technical education ten years ago? Well, regret doesn’t bring anything good. So, let’s have this blog as a training platform.

Besides, there are many cool things about living in London (even though for us Eastern Europeans it could be a bit cheaper), so let’s see what comes along.


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